Money/Cash in Transit Insurance

This policy covers insured’s estimated annual cash transfers against any accidental loss or theft/housebreaking. The money insured includes current coins, banks and currency notes, cheques, postal orders, and current postage stamps.  However, per transit or in premises basis limits are set under the policy.

The cover under this policy is available when:

  • Money is drawn for the payment of wages, salaries and other earnings or for petty cash and in direct transit from the bank to the insured premises.
  • Money other than described in item (1) in the personal custody of the insured or the authorised employees of the insured whilst in direct transit between the insured’s premises and the bank or post office.
  • Money other than described in 1 and 2 collected by and in the personal custody of the insured or the insured’s authorised employees  whilst in transit to the premises or bank within a period not exceeding 48 hours from the time of collection
  • Money which is in the insured premises or safes in the insured premises and damages to safes in the event of theft or attempted theft.