The Company transacts all general classes of insurance and specialises in Aviation and Engineering insurances. Our excellent Reinsurance Programme  is a judicious mix of Proportional and Non-Proportional treaties designed to give us adequate protection and provide us with a broad underwriting capacity.

Our Reinsurance Programme is supported by leading international reinsurers with excellent credit ratings as per list below:

  1. Swiss Re
  2. Africa Re
  3. Arig Re
  4. Continental Re
  5. General Insurance Corporation of India
  6. Trust Re
  7. Zep-Re

We work closely the regional reinsurers Kenya Re, Tan Re, and PTA Re.

In addition to the capacity afforded by the treaties, we have special arrangements with our Reinsurance underwriters for special acceptances of large risks, which fall outside the scope of our treaty capacity.

We also have expertise in underwriting Aviation risks, both Hull and Liability.

MUA works on professional lines, with ‘Customer’ as the focus of all our activities.

MUA has the reputation in the market of being one of the largest Aviation and Engineering Insurance underwriters and we have established good-will and credibility in the market in these specialised classes of Insurance.