Our Expertise

We specialize in four main areas of insurance, providing cost effective solutions….

a) Risk Management including Disaster Management

Philosophy behind Risk Management is the economic protection of a company’s assets and the earnings against loss. By and large, it is less expensive to prevent a loss than to pay for it.

 Framework of Disaster Management consists of stages like:

  • Planning
  • Prevention
  • Preparedness
  • Response and
  • Recovery

b) Insurance Portfolio Management and Designing of new products (Benefitting client’s needs)

To relate the insurable risk to insurable covers i.e. the complete scrutiny of the existence of hazards as well as the insurance needs including the scrutiny of the existing portfolio.

c) Claims Management assistance

To assist insured in putting up the claim and to ensure the prompt settlement of claim.

d) Sharing of information

To keep our clients informed on the latest domestic as well as global developments relating to insurance.